Million Dollar Agent Masterclass

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Million Dollar Agent Masterclass

Million Dollar Agent Masterclass


Get 10-weeks of on-demand training taught by Josh Flagg that will show you exactly how to become luxury real estate agent. 

You’ll learn:  

  • Techniques for finding wealthy clients 
  • The Masterful Art of Win-Win Negotiation so that every one is happy
  • 4 Theatre Tricks to bring an empty house to to life
  • The Passion Activation Strategy that will bring your client to an ultra-responsive state
  • The chance to become a Certified Luxury Agent if you complete the requirements*
  • Get a 30-second Promotional Video From Josh Flagg*

PRICE: $1499

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*To qualify, you must complete all the training and sell at least one home that’s double the median price for your area 

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