Luxury Means Personalizing the Red Carpet Experience for your Customers

We’ve all seen the television shows where a woman walks into a cafe and the barista is waiting with a smile and her daily coffee. Or, the classic sitcoms where…

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The New and “Informed” Luxury Customer

Today’s luxury consumer has more power than ever before. Did you know that today’s luxury buyer isn’t as concerned with what they buy, as much as they are concerned with…

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How to Brand Yourself Into the Luxury Market

When you think about luxury products what types of images come to mind? Is it a gorgeous woman with a lavish handbag? A bearded executive driving a fast red sports…

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Luxury Has the Power to Transform Your Customers

Good businesses change us.  They provide us with a renewed sense of self, and dare we say, self-worth. Finding the freeing feeling that comes from making a luxury purchase is…

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7 Storytelling Principles Luxury Brands Must Incorporate

What is it about branding that makes it so important to the way we experience brands? We all know that our brands impact the way that we get our message…

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How to Attract an Audience

Today, I’m going to talk about audience attraction, and how I use my show as a marketing tool that helps me brand myself as a luxury agent, and how you can duplicate my results.

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How to Build a Luxury Real Estate Website (And Avoid Looking Cheap)

If you are selling luxury real estate in 2018, then you are probably aware of the fact that everything you do is being judged by potential clients. Now, I know…

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Real Estate Marketing is Changing

Real Estate Marketing Is Changing This Year

The face of real estate marketing has been getting a facelift over the past few years. Last year, I was writing about the Zillow Estimates craze that polarized our industry.…

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How to achieve any goal you set

How to Achieve Any Goal You Set

One of the biggest pieces of advice that my mentors gave me when I was a small boy was when they told me that no matter who you want to…

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Stay humble

Sit Down, Be Humble

Staying humble is one of the hardest things about success.  No matter what you do, or who you become, you always have to remain humble. Even if you aren’t a…

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